About Adam

Interversal Systems was founded by Adam M. Young in 2014 as a service for full spectrum technology solutions and applications. As we advance into an increasingly connected and converged world, it’s important that everyone has access to efficient and effective computer technology that is utilized to its fullest potential.

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Adam Young

Adam Young is a native of Red Lion, Pennsylvania. He grew up drawing comics in his free time in school. He established the goal of publishing them on a website (Funny Guy Comics) and producing a role-playing game based them (The Funny Guy RPG) led him to learn web design, programming, and multimedia production independently.

Adam attended Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania. There he studied Computer Science at the College of Engineering and the College and Information Sciences and Technology. In 2014, he moved back to his hometown and was hired at a custom metal fabrication firm, Hess Ornamental Iron, in the process of acquiring a competitor and moving to a new location. After temporarily working for Caterpillar’s York facility, he found employment at JWRA, an architecture studio in Newburgh, New York.

Adam now works for a government employer doing what he loves, supporting his community in a more structured environment. Interversal Systems’ business operations are on hiatus… the think tank is always roiling, however.

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