Bridges Between Worlds

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We are fundamentally all connected, and every individual works towards the advancement of the species as a whole in some way. Industries are like vital organs in the human body. Some work more directly with some than others, but all ultimately serve each other and the whole.

As our global society and the human race venture forth into the future, we become more self-similar to our own biology and microbiology. The Internet serves as the nervous system, governing communication and transport of information. Logistics and shipping serves as digestive and circulatory systems, transporting food and other resources across roads, rail, water, sky, and space. Check out this video of slime molds arranging themselves to create paths of least resistance, arranging themselves like the Tokyo metro.

As we communicate, we become more sensitive to the needs of others on the planet that may have in the past seemed far, far farther away. We’re more sensitive to pain as a society. We’ve transcended evolution at last, and the technological singularity is in motion.

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