ISME (Interversal Systems Management Engine) is an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Customer Resources Management (CRM) software developed for Hess Ornamental Iron to suit the unique workflow and informational needs of custom metal fabrication.

The main interface of ISME, listing all of the unclosed, active projects for the company. It shows the unique project number, title, material type, status code, and length/size. On the right, if the estimated hours for each process are entered, it will summarize the time spent on the project. Selecting one of the boxes will take the user to the project’s page. At the top is the main navigation for the application.
The display view visible from the shop floor that allows employees to track their progress on projects. The color of the progress bar is determined by how much time is left in the quote.
Part 1 of the project page. Basic information about the project can be entered and edited here.